Monday, April 8, 2013

oh shoes!!

i am obsessed with shoes….that i can’t walk in!
over the past couple of months, i have bought over 10 pairs of shoes. 
gorgeous shoes of the funnest shades of suede, the sparkliest of sequins, and…..
the highest of heels. 
i think this shoe spree was brought on by an extreme lack of variety of shoes in my closet. i found myself wearing the same shoes every day. uggs or sneakers to class, riding boots on weekdays that required dressing up, and black suede flat boots with weekend dressy outfits. i had to stop the cycle of flatness (of heel and creativity).
so of course i moseyed on over to forever 21 and ‘new look’ in england. my theory is if you are going to buy expensive shoes, they better be worn AT LEAST once a week. so i don’t mind splurging on my uggs/flats/tennis shoes. I would never ever spend a chunk of cash on something like….maroon suede five inch mary jane wedges. or electric blue pumps for that matter. (both of which i purchased for under $30 at f21-que angel ‘hallelujas’)
people, i now have a beautiful array of super girly shoes that are each a fashion statement of their own. no longer do i only own shoes that go with an outfit. no ma’am! outfits must be coordinated to go with these shoes!
only problem…i can’t walk in them. i stumble around like a 4 year old playing dress up, and not in a cute way. is this something i can practice and improve on? i hope so. 
but if my lanky legs and sub-standard balance/hand-eye coordination fail me, i guess it’ll be ok. those little pairs of joy will stand in my closet like the sports trophies i never earned in my gradeschool days. these trophies will represent my achievements in something much more important….
fashion and style, of course! :)

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