Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Outfit of the Day! Zoo Day!

So for a day like this I wanted to wear something cute, but very comfortable, temperature appropriate, and wouldn't cause a fuss with all the walking! I think skirts and dresses are perfect for spring and summer because not only do you look cute...but the flowy and looser garment is great for anytime you might be tempted to sweat (I mean glisten!) :)
I am super proud of this outfit-it is VERY budget friendly!! I love deals!

Denim Shirt-Target
Necklace-Forever 21

Yeah you read that correctly! I bought this skirt brand new with tags from an asian distributor on ebay for $5! And FREE shipping!!! So many things pricey boutiques carry are purchased from China or Korea for very cheap...then marked up 1000% here! Ridiculous!  


These shoes were perfect for all the walking at the zoo! My sister bought these from Target last year and never wore them because they didn't fit! She was cleaning out her closet, and I flipped over these! I love free (not to mention awesome) additions to my closet!! I'm also really into this style shoe right now...stay tuned for a post relating to that :)

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