Thursday, April 4, 2013

What We Can All Learn from the Shaytards + What I'm Up To

Happy Thursday!

I hope you are doing well! I have been wanting to share this Shaytards video all week, but I have been pretty busy with school! If you have no idea who the Shaytards are, let me just say...they are the most adorable family on the internet. Shay Carl and his wife Colette post videos every single day documenting their family lives. Oh and did I mention they have four precious children and one on the way?? They inspire me so much, because I want a family like that some day.  In a world of broken homes and families and so much unhappiness, they are so refreshing to me.

So anyways! On Sundays they do one take videos, which means they don't edit them and just give you a quick update-to give themselves a break, as well as to have family time. Yeah. Freaking precious. So on Easter, they posted a one take Sunday video that really inspired me! The shaytards are Christians, yes. But in the video they challenged the youtube world to look beyond religion and party lines, and simply think about the attributes of being a good person, loving others, and how it brings authentic joy to your life. In today's world, you can't bring up Jesus without offending someone. But something I have been really thinking about, is that as a Christian, my job is to share God's love. That's it. It's not my job to judge others. It's not my job to point out what someone else is doing wrong. It's not my job to force my beliefs down someone's throat. God calls his children to do something very simple: live for Him, let his light shine through You, and share his love with others. Honestly, I can't not think of a better example than this family. I really respect them.

Whether you are a Christian, agnostic, staunch atheist, or any other religion, you should watch this video and hear what Shay has to say. He really has a point, and his message applies to all people, not just people with the same beliefs that he has.

For those turned off by religious discussion...even though this video isn't really 'religious' but more about authentic joy and living a happy should still check out their videos. They aren't at all preachy, and only bring up their beliefs every so often. What you will see on a daily basis though, is wholesome fun and a family that has got the whole true happiness thing figured out.

Check it out! Skip to 2:45 if you want to get straight to his point!

So as for an update on me....
I have 28 days, 8 hours, 55 mins, and 30ish seconds until I graduate from college and move home! I will be spending my whole summer studying for the MCAT!! Doesn't that sound like a party? :) I am really excited about this blog and having a place to post my thoughts and things I write! I have been very please with my tumblr for about three years now, but I find it better suited for short updates and inspiration, rather than full length posts like this one!! I am also planning to start posting videos again as soon as I get out of school!  I have a lot of ideas and thoughts swirling around in my head right now about it! I really want to incorporate my passion of pursuing medicine as well as my creative hobbies somehow. I am so excited!!

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  1. You're are such a beautiful person. So proud of you.