Monday, May 20, 2013

i just realized...

My entire life (well okay since I was about 12 and discovered God's gift to decoupage freaks like myself) I have called MOD PODGE....MODGE PODGE???

Does anyone else do this??

I was just watching this adorable video from Evelina, my newest youtube obsession, and I heard her say MoD Podge...and I had a little moment!

Here's the video! Check it out! Evelina has a really REALLY inspiring story, so if you like her-definitely watch her 'draw my life'! Stories like her's remind me exactly Who is in control and that God has a plan for my life better than anything I could ever imagine!!

I'm just enjoying my morning coffee, and then my day of MCAT studying begins!! JOYOUS!!

Happy Monday everyone!

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