Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Best Blog Nomination!


So guess what? I got nominated for this fun little tag by Daniella at ! Daniella is one of my very first followers here, so I love her already...and now this?? Thank you so much!!

So basically what I have to do is answer the questions Daniella asks, and tag some blogs with under 200 followers! I'm so new to blogger, so the blogs I'm reading loyally so far are those I've discovered through youtube and randomly-and most have more than 200 followers. BUT I feel I should share anyways because I love them :) I'm trying to network though, so if you have a blog please leave your link below! I am mostly finding people through buttons and ads on blogs I follow at the moment. I just want some bloggy buddies :D

So here are Daniella's Questions:

  • Casual or formal?
    • I love dressing up, but there is nothing better in this world than a big tshirt with leggings!!
  • Favorite sport?
    • I have never been able to play sports, but I like watching baseball, football, or basketball live. I'm not into to watching it on TV...unless it's my school!
  • A quote you like:
    • I am a quote junkie. How can I choose just one?? The one that has really affected my life most recently is by Andy Stanley. "Direction, not intention determines your destination." Good stuff.
  • What do you think about my blog?
    • I really like it! When I got the email notification that you had followed my blog, naturally I clicked on your little picture! I was surprised to find you had a blog, and weren't just a reader which is exciting to me hehe :) My favorite posts are your insightful bits about life and diy beauty. I also appreciate that you have a 'good reads' page. I love to read, and I love people that love to read! I know we have only just started reading each other's blogs, but I can tell we will be bloggy buddies :)
  • A talent of yours?
    • I can play the piano and the guitar, although I'm not very proficient. I think my God given talent is compassion and mercy for others. My parents call me 'mother hen' because I'm quite maternal in nature. Anyways, I am pursuing a career that is all about helping and healing the sick, and I can't think of a better fit for me. Nothing gives me greater joy or fulfillment than to help others, especially children!
  • Fashion or style?
    • Style. There's nothing more fun than taking a trend and making it your own. Fashion is the same for everyone, but style is what makes that fashion uniquely you.
  • Favorite Season:
    • Fall. Without a doubt. I love the colors, the weather, the sweaters, the smells, and the hot drinks. Autumn is when a new school year starts, so I always associate it with refreshment and change...even though some might argue spring is the 'logical' new beginning...but I'm a girl, not a plant! I also love how autumn is the calm and peace and refreshment between exciting summer and hibernation winter :)
  • Do you like it when it rains?
    • I like it when it rains on Saturdays, or a day I get to stay home. I don't like getting out in the rain, but I adore cloudy, rainy, windy days from the other side of the window.
  • Define your blog in one word.
    • I hope people think it's 'sweet'. That's my favorite thing to be called.
  • Which is or was your favorite class in school?
    • My favorite subject to learn is Biology. My best subject has always been English and Literature.

Alrighty! So here are the blogs I nominate! Some I've been following for a while, some I've only just discovered but already love! Check them out!

Lauren Cooper at 
-this girl is gorgeous, has great style, and her photos are stunning

Lindsey Duffin at
-this is probably my favorite blog right now. Lindsey is ADORABLE.

-the most inspirational girl EVER. GO READ HER BLOG NOW!

-i discovered Alix through her youtube channel. She is flawless and british...need I say more?

-I just discovered Kerry's blog...but she's a writer. Already addicted.

-Just discovered Isabella through Lindsey Duffin's ads...according to her 'About' she is 13, yet she is astoundingly thoughtful and articulate and adorable. Go!

-So this little lady signs her posts as Klimver, but her google + is Ace G. No matter what she is called...her blog is awesome. I found her blog because she nominated Daniella for this badge, who in turn nominated me! She's already been nominated three times, but I couldn't help but share her blog. Check this out-her posts are all in English AND Spanish. I am obsessed with learning Spanish, and this is the perfect place for me to practice reading comprehension....oh and by the's a beauty and lifestyle blog! GO GO GO!!

Finally I nominate anyone who reads my blog. ONE CONDITION: you have to leave your link in the comments and tell me you are doing the tag! Maybe you want to start a blog, but aren't sure what your first post should you go! I know it's a 'best blog' 

My questions are:
1. Why did you start blogging?
2. What's your favorite song for this summer?
3. Celebrity Crush (real or fictional) :)?
4. Favorite pair of shoes?
5. What is the main quality you look for in a best friend?
7. Favorite sweet treat?
8. Tell me a quote you love!
9. What is your biggest splurge ever in fashion or beauty products?
10. What candle scent do you find yourself buying repeatedly? 

Don't forget your badge and notify the lovely ladies you choose to tag!

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your answears and all of your post. I find amazing that you persue helping others, it shows how good person you are. I would love to be blog buddies and I hope we will chat and become friends too! Keep up the good work!