Friday, June 28, 2013

Ipsy GlamBag June 2013

I am so excited to share this with y'all! I must say that after receiving two lackluster fancy boxes from 'the fancy', I have been a huge skeptic of any type of subscription service.  For a long while, I was simply uninterested in wasting my money. I did like the idea of having handpicked items sent to me monthly, though. Who doesn't like getting  packages? Plus, it seemed to be a great way to discover or try out new products! So as you can see, I finally caved and decided to give subscription services another shot. This time around, I did a lot of research. I knew I wanted a box exclusively for beauty products, which narrowed my search down to about ten options. The first thing I looked at was price, and Ipsy was the cheapest (only $10 per month).  The next aspect to consider was actual contents...Were they luxury brands? Samples, minis, or full sizes? What did the reviews say? After sorting through the pros and cons of each one, I decided on Ipsy.  The site is set up like a beauty social network, and you can join and participate in the community even if you don't subscribe to the Glambag service.  When you do subscribe to the GlamBag, you take a beauty quiz to help Ipsy know what products you are interested in receiving and your style.  For example, I let them know I wasn't interested in hair products, I go for natural color palettes, and I am interested in branching out from my usual beauty products.  All the products they send out each month are curated by Michelle Phan from YouTube.  I have watched her videos for almost two years, and just adore her personality.  So here's the low down on each product that came in my cheetah print glam bag:

 Gel Eyeliner in Iron by Cailyn (full size)
I had never heard of this brand before, so I was very curious to try it out! The packaging was SUPER nice, and the product feels high-end. It even has it's own liner brush built in to the top! The brush completely detaches from the top, so it is easy to use, and the bristles are very soft.  I usually wear pencil eyeliner, but I am in love with this product. It goes on very smoothly, and once it dries, it stays put ALL DAY! The color was also great, because I go for a more natural look-nothing too bold like black.

Highlighter Crayon in Ivory Lace by Chella (full size)
This product is probably my favorite from the glam bag. Somehow it goes on very creamily. Not something I expected from a crayon at all. The shade is great, and I have been using to brighten up my eyes. Adore it.

Lip Liner in Bare by StarLooks (Full Size)
I have never used lip liner, ever. Now I'm thinking I might start. This pencil goes on nicely, and I unexpectedly liked the look! The shade is a little purply, but very wearable. It's yet another great product, and has inspired me to branch out!

 Blush in Sand by NYX (Not full size, but too big to call a Mini!)
So when I saw NYX in the Glambag, I was overjoyed. NYX is absolutely my favorite cosmetics brand. The majority of my eyeshadows, eyeliners, and lipsticks are all NYX. It's super affordable and great quality. At first, I thought this  product was strange for a blush color. It looked like a bronzer. You could definitely use it to add a bronzy glow all over, but as a blush, I was surprised at how nice it looked.  It has a very natural and warm look, with the slightest shimmer. The texture is so nice. Love love love!

Sparkling Cream Palette in Volta by J.Cat Beauty (The packaging looks full size, but the pots are shallow, so I'm saying this is a Mini)
This is the only product I'm not head over heels for. Don't get me wrong, I could see myself using it for a special event (maybe). I thought it would be the texture of cream eyeshadow, but instead it's straight glitter in a tiny amount of clear medium. I'm not sure where you are supposed to use it-maybe it's a body glitter? You would need to build it up if you used it as eyeshadow, but I'd be afraid to get the gritty glitter in my eyes...ouchies! I will say that once the glitter dries, you won't be getting it off without a good cleanser to help create a slippery surface on your skin. This stuff sticks.

Overall score is 4 out of 5 stars for this month's glam bag! 
I am thrilled with the color choices I was sent. They are all very wearable (aside from the glitter), and it seems like they actually paid attention to my personalization quiz. The price is unbeatable for these size and quality products. The packaging it all arrived in was so nice, as well.  I am so impressed, and for this month at least, Ipsy has completely changed my opinion of subscription services.

As you can tell, I'll be keeping my subscription for another month of this makeup goodness. I can't wait to see what's in my July GlamBag!!

I definitely recommend you check Ipsy out if you have been looking for a good subscription service that is also affordable. Did I mention it's $10 per month? I still can't get over it! Even if you don't want to subscribe, there are tons of makeup looks and tutorial videos within the Ipsy community that are awesome.  You can cancel anytime between your monthly delivery, which is a huge plus for me since I have commitment issues after my terrible experience with 'the fancy box'. ;)

Here's a link to take you on over to Ipsy! I am not in any way affiliated with or sponsored by Ipsy, I am just astounded by their service and wanted to share. This link will let them know that I sent you their way!

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