Friday, October 11, 2013

Hello There!

Hiiiii! I am so happy to be posting this!

^^ That's a pic of my messy side bun I'm wearing today! I really like it :)

After a 1.5 month hiatus due to moving/adjusting to my new home and school, I can finally say that posting will now resume! I must say, I am glad September is gone.

Even though it's October, the weather is still so warm around here! I haven't really been able to dress in my beloved autumn attire just yet, but today's outfit felt quite fall-ish so I thought it'd be a great OOTD. Check out my channel later today for more details :)

My mom is coming into town this afternoon, which I am so thankful for-especially because I will have someone to go to the grocery store with. That may sound strange, but I HATE grocery shopping...and grocery shopping alone is just miserable! we enter the Fall months, the most important thing of the year occurs: TV SHOWS!!! So my shows this season are Grey's, New Girl, and the Mindy Project.  I also like watching X-factor, but not religiously enough to keep up with the contestants that well.  I used to be a huge vampire diaries fan, but I started to lose interest last season.  My mom started watching this season, and we both agree that the show has lost any trace of a story line. It's all about hookups, which reminds me of a vampire version of the Secret Life. Back to my shows-I am a diehard Grey's fan and have seen every episode EVER! But I must say I miss the old characters so very much.  And if you have heard Sandra Oh's recent announcement, then I'm sure you feel my dread. As for New Girl and the Mindy Project...Zooey Deschanel and Mindy Kaling are my favorite people ever.  They are both hilarious and adorable (the two best things a girl can be in my opinion)!

What are you watching this season? Anybody watched Scandal? I might try that one looks good!

Hope you have a wonderful day and weekend! Stay tuned for more posts and don't forget to check out my links over by my picture (on the left) to connect with me!


  1. Are you med school now? I wasted money and time. I took the MCAT twice 9, 10 on ps, bs portions but only a 6,7 on vr. I use Princeton, Berkeley, Examkrackers 101 and considering buying Kaplan for verbal reasoning. What methods did you use to beat VR on the mcat?

    My email is leaf2024@live


    1. Hi! VR was actually my easiest section. I took a Kaplan course, but it didn't really help me with VR. I think it's bc I took AP english in high school, so I did a lot of reading passages and timed writing responses to the passages. So I would recommend PRACTICE!! It's all about active reading-reading, comprehending, analyzing, and maybe a little inference...all at once. Use that highlighter and after each paragraph take a millisecond and say to yourself: this is what i just read, this is what i think it means, and this is what i think is important. Do one passage at a time, rather than taking the whole section. Get the skills down THEN work on time management.

      Don't give up!! 10's in PS and BS are good scores-especially PS!
      Practice Practice Practice! :)

  2. You should watch Revenge!!! It's on Netflix so you can catch up from the beginning! I promise it's amaaazing and gets you instantly hooked.

    1. You know I actually started it when it first started airing on Tv, and I got behind on episodes so I stopped watching! Thank the Lord for Netflix!!! Good recommendation-I just might start it again! Thanks for reminding me :)