Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Hi! Today is Wednesday!

I like Wednesdays this semester because I don't have class until 1pm, so I get to wake up without an alarm screaming, sip my coffee, and watch the Today Show. Ahhhhhhh so nice!!!

I haven't written since school started this semester, and I probably shouldn't be writing now....MUST STUDY EVERY MINUTE! But, I really wanted to share what I have been doing because it's just incredibly cool.

For anyone that doesn't know, I am currently in my last semester of graduate school for medical sciences. This means that after December I shall be known as Shelby, B.S., M.S., and yes, you need to refer to me by that name at all times henceforth. Haha kidding! I am very happy to be accomplishing this step in my education, but even more excited to move on to the next step in making my dreams come true (and adding more initials to my name).

ANYWAYS-my graduate program is very unique in that I have been given the opportunity to take medical school courses as part of my coursework. I chose Histology, Neuroanatomy, and Gross Anatomy. I conquered the first two, and am currently attacking Gross.

In case you don't know, Gross Anatomy is a course in which students learn detailed human anatomy in the classroom and also through lab dissection.  This course is truly incredible. I have to admit, I was extremely nervous on the first day, for obvious reasons. I wasn't sure what to expect or how I would feel in the lab, but now I can describe it perfectly: life changing.

The course has really tied together my education.  Everything I have learned over the past 5 years has really started to come together on a whole new level, because I actually get to see it in real life.  You truly cannot fully grasp the physiology until you know the anatomy, and pictures in a textbook just don't compare. I now have a strong appreciation for the people who are so gracious to donate their bodies to benefit science. Their gift enriches the education of future doctors, dentists, and physical therapists.  I never understood it until now, and I am just blown away.

The human body is a miraculous thing. We go through our day to day lives and most of us don't even have a thought about how amazing it is that we can function. Every day I learn something new that just adds to the complexity of it all.  I try to wrap my mind around the billions of processes my body does for survival beneath my level of consciousness. All by itself. Then I try to grasp the concept that this machine is not only capable of survival, but also emotions and desires to learn, to love, to explore, to grow.  I can't even handle it! WE ARE SO AMAZING!

The picture above demonstrates the vasculature of the heart. Did you know that in 1mm sq. of the heart there are 4,000 blood vessels? FOUR THOUSAND.

I really like science. Happy wednesday :)

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